Gab Creative specialises in helping organisations and businesses create evocative campaigns and digital content. I have a small network of creative freelancers and social professionals who can be utilised to deliver any project, however big or small.

Founded by Sally Hopkinson — a creative professional who started Gab after working as a freelancer within the charity sector for over 8 years.

Gab is passionate about helping organisations that want to make the world a better place, we love your kind of people and believe in what you do. Working together we want to communicate exciting and fun media using design, animation and illustration.

We especially enjoy working on participation projects where service users are also involved in the process!



Loves creative projects. Vimto drinker // Poodle Mum // Full-time Creative // Part-time Artist // Follow me on the socials


Loves chasing birds. Best described as a dog-cat // Obsessed with waffle blankets // Loves running really really fast // Face-plants a lot